The PRICE OF ART (POA) artworks explore the ways in which the value of art changes over time.

Each POA artwork is sold at the price displayed on its price tag. This challenges any resale value and whether or not it can hold its value. The artwork can then continues to evolve after sale, as its value potentially fluctuates over time.

I’ve been working on POA since 2017 when I first displayed oil paintings with price tags in GBP at RENZO, London.

I will be dropping new artworks on the 11th on each month – so stay tuned.


Catalogue of PRICE OF ART artworks:

POA005 – SOL RE-ORIGINALS, Digital Artworks, 2022
POA004 – ETH RE-ORIGINALS, Digital Artworks, 2022
POA003 – £9.99 TEE, Cotton t-shirt, 2017 
POA002 – £1.99 PINS, Enamel pin badges, 2017 
POA001 – GBP ORIGINALS, Oil on Canvas, 2017

Nicolas Robinson™
Amsterdam, Netherlands